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Digging for PageRank Explained

Update: PRdigger no longer queries Google for its results. PRdigger now only accepts a list of URLs you provide and is best used as a tool to assist people looking for indexed domains (i.e. finding pages of at least PageRank 1)...

PRdigger is a unique application that "digs" through a list of URLs and searches for sites that have a specific pagerank (PR) that you specify.

Once this popular utility has located several, quality sites; you can begin contacting the site owners for a link exchange or other beneficial arrangement.

Several common uses for PRdigger include:

  • Finding high-quality link exchange partners (please do not spam)
  • Finding high-ranking sites to buy advertising (banners/text links)
  • Finding soon-to-expire domains with pagerank

By trading links with quality sites, you can help boost the PR to your own site and -more importantly- potentially raise your own listings within the search engines. The problem in the past was finding the high PR sites to link to.

We have made the process much easier for you. Now, you can save valuable time by uploading your own list of domain names or URL's and search the PR for each domain.

With PRdigger's feature focus scaled back recently, we have reduced the price to an unbelievably low $14.95! This is an excellent value for those of you who need a quick, simple, and inexpensive means to sift through domains/URLs.

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Ordering / DEMO Download

You may download a FREE DEMO. We simply need your name and a valid email address and the program will be emailed to you within minutes. The DEMO is limited to finding just one result. To go ahead and place an order, click here.


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