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PRdigger Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the system requirements?
A. PRdigger currently works with all Windows-based operating systems.

Q. Will PRdigger scan my own custom list of domains?
A. Yes, you can upload your own list or copy/paste a list into the field.

Q. How fast will PRdigger scan a custom list of domain names?
A. PRdigger uses advanced multi-threaded technology and is capable of scanning over 2000 domains per minute.

Q. What is your guarantee?
A. We ask that you download the DEMO copy to be sure the program is capable of doing what you need BEFORE you buy. This is necessary in order to avoid fraud purchases and has worked very well. Therefore, all sales are final. However, we have never had an unsatisfied customer yet!

Q. Can I save results that are found by PRdigger?
A. Yes, all results can be saved to an html file or a text file for later review.

Q. Is there a DEMO available?
A. Yes, simply enter your name and email at the bottom of this page and a DEMO will be mailed to you within a few minutes. The DEMO only finds one result.

Q. Are updates of your software FREE?
A. Yes, we will provide all updates -at no charge- for all registered users.

Q. How can I register my DEMO copy?
A. Once you have used our DEMO and know that PRdigger does what you require, simply order prDigger from our order page (click here). We will then contact you for your unique ID (found under the register link in the DEMO).

Q. How many PC's will your software operate on?
A. Our license is for ONE (1) computer. If you require a 2nd license (i.e. needed for an additional PC), the price is discounted to $6.95 per license.

Q. How can I contact your support department?
A. You can email us by clicking here.

Q. How can PRDigger be used to find expiring domains?
There are a couple of things you should know about buying expired domains before you jump in:

1. using a tool to determine pagerank of an expiring domain is only one piece of the puzzle. You have to have a list of domains from which to work with. Those lists are generally created by pay sites.

2. it is USUALLY true that a domain loses its pagerank when it expires, but I've caught some that have retained their PR or gotten it back after a year or so. In all cases, you should ASSUME that it will lose its pagerank. Remember, that there is still value in the residual traffic from a domain with existing inbound links.

3. finding a high pagerank expiring domain is only another piece of the puzzle. Most truly worthy domains will be watched by others as well. In that case, you must use multiple "drop services" which will typically auction the domain off to the highest bidder. Two of the major players typically drive the best names up into the 5-figure range.

I hope that insight helps you and doesn't disappoint too much. There is a lot of competition in that market, but there is still the occasional gem to be found at a low, reasonable price.

However, I just wanted you to know everything before making a decision. I have found some great names for registration price only, but typically I end up paying $500-$5,000 for a really good name.


Ordering / DEMO Download

You may download a FREE DEMO. We simply need your name and a valid email address and the program will be emailed to you within minutes. The DEMO is limited to finding just one result. To go ahead and place an order, click here.


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